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Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Need You!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There should be a pro rail rally on Fountain Square before election day. This would be a good way to get publicity and show that the referendum affects all rail.

A spokesperson for rail can speak with the press and make these points (as well as other points):

The referendum affects all rail. This includes commuter rail, light rail, high-speed rail 3C train station in Cincinnati (explain what the 3C train is and why it would be good to have a more accessible train station in Cincinnati), and trolleys.
This is a good investment and we stand a good chance of getting a lot of stimulus money. Obama's plans for high-speed rail...
If the city doesn't invest in its future not only will Cincinnati not attract young talent it will continue to loose young talent to other cities.
The cost of the trolley pails in comparison to other Cincinnati projects like the stadiums, Convergys... Talk about the cost of widening i75 and how rail could elevate highway road congestion.
The first trolley phase is an incremental step to an extensive and cohesive public transportation system that includes light rail, commuter rail, and the high-speed rail. (Show the master plan and why it is better then what we have now).
Rail is socially responsible and environmentally friendly. Rail is socially responsible in that it bridges the Cincinnati community together, its fast, its affective, and its affordable. Rail is environmentally friendly because rather then siting in an idling car during a rush hour traffic jam, instead you are in a fast and highly fuel efficient rail system that runs on a track.

Possible props for this rally can be plastic whistles and refrigerator boxes made up to look like passenger rail cars. These “rail cars” would represent the different rail types: commuter rail, light rail, 3C train, etc.

October 30, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

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